Relationship counselling for empty nesters

While you may have spent many years wondering about what your life will be like once the kids move out of home, it can be quite a shock to see the effect on your relationship with your partner. If you are finding yourself struggling with communication issues in your marriahe, relationship counselling can be a great way to reconnect with each other. Redistribution of household labour If one partner has taken on the majority of childcare labour, then the empty nest can trigger a redistribution of labour in the household.

Learning to communicate again - Relationship counselling after loss of a child

The loss of a child is a huge blow to any marriage. It causes distress as both parties are reminded of their loss by seeing the other person and often so lost in their grief that they struggle to support each other and any other children in the best way. Relationship counselling can help the partners express their grief safely and establish new boundaries for their marriage. Trust Relationship counselling can help to provide a safe space to discuss any loss of trust in the relationship following the loss and work through any aspects of the child's death that have created less trust.

3 Tips For Dealing With Depression

Depression can rob you of your energy, self-esteem and interest in the things you once enjoyed. This debilitating illness can impact on your work and social life, but there are positive steps you can take to get out from under its grip. Here are three tips for dealing with depression. Commit to Daily Exercise Exercising may be the last thing you feel like doing, but you don't have to start running marathons.

How to Tell Your Parents That You Want to See a Counsellor

For many young adults who are hoping to see a counsellor or therapist, informing their parents is the most stressful part. This can often lead to people giving up on the idea altogether. However, it's important for you to receive the help you feel you need, so follow this guide to help make addressing the subject with your parents less stressful and more productive: Let them know it isn't about them