Relationship counselling for empty nesters

While you may have spent many years wondering about what your life will be like once the kids move out of home, it can be quite a shock to see the effect on your relationship with your partner. If you are finding yourself struggling with communication issues in your marriahe, relationship counselling can be a great way to reconnect with each other.

Redistribution of household labour

If one partner has taken on the majority of childcare labour, then the empty nest can trigger a redistribution of labour in the household. While this can be a positive thing, it can also trigger some frustration over a previously uneven distribution of labour. Relationship counselling can help to discuss current and previous labour distribution in an open way, with a third party available to guide the discussion in a positive and productive way.

New family outings

Now that you don't need to consider the needs of the children, your family outings can change focus. This needs to be negotiated between the two of you, and finding mutually agreeable outings is not always easy.  Relationship counselling can help you to come up with outings that can help you to connect with each other and let you explore each other's needs in a productive way.

These outings can be a great way to start rekindling the romantic and intimate side of your relationship, with less demands on your time.

New communication topics

For many years you may have had conversations with a transactional focus, building on the business of managing the family. All of the sudden it can seem that you don't have anything to talk about with your partner. However, with some help you can start to work on talking about other topics, including current events, sports or new movies and books. The counsellor can help you to work out some of your mutual interest topics so that you can start talking again.

Equally being open to discussing your feelings during this emotional transition period can be a way of ensuring that your marriage grows stronger through this stage.

The 'empty nest' can be a new and wonderful stage of your relationship, as you have the time and capacity to focus on each other and other achievements outside of the household again. It's a great time to explore new projects and exciting adventures together. If you are currently going through a difficult 'empty nest' transition, why not get some relationship counselling to help ease the transition.